Asociación de Turismo Náutico de Panamá

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Asociación de Turismo Náutico de Panamá

"We promote Panama as an international nautical tourism destination"

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What to visit in Panama?

A unique experience joined by two seas and more than a thousand islands along with a high-class service.
Isla Secas Chiriqui
Isla Secas

A world-class vacation destination located within an archipelago of 14 islands located 20 miles off Panama’s rugged Pacific coast, waiting to be explored. With seven hundred fifty species of fish, 114 bird species, and 128 species of plants, and just over an hour boat ride from Coiba National Marine Park, a UNESCO-designated protected marine area, this area is home to one of the largest coral reef systems in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Islas Secas, with endless opportunities for sustainable adventure, is devoted to our natural surroundings, and our passion is to be a blueprint for nature-driven tourism.

Bocas del Toro - Panama

Bocas del Toro

When you visit the archipelago of Bocas del Toro you can appreciate that is one of those unique places in the world that maintain this particular, seductive, primitive and unforgettable atmosphere. Bocas del Toro captivates its visitors with its incredible vegetation, its biodiversity, its ancient customs: it is a true biological fantasy. Its lush tropical vegetation, the fauna found only in this part of the world, the opportunities to dive and snorkel in the unbeatable Caribbean ocean, the possibilities and opportunities for an incredible experience are limitless.

Barro Colorado

A mecca for tropical biologists, Barro Colorado Island and five surrounding peninsulas provide easy access to central Panama’s lowland tropical forest. The 1,560 hectare island was formed when engineers dammed the Chagres River in 1914 to create Gatun Lake, the main channel of the Panama Canal. Enthusiastic interactions among more than 400 students and experts in their fields who visit each year lead to innovative research projects and have contributed to the more than 13,000 STRI scientific publications since Barro Colorado became a reserve in 1923.

Isla Contadora - Las Perlas

The famous Contadora is located in the Archipelago de Las Perlas about 40 miles south of Panama City. This is one of the most important islands of Las Perlas, with more than 13 beaches, a wide variety of hotels, condominiums, villas, and tourist complexes. Contadora Island offers the opportunity to spend the day on its beautiful beaches, rent golf carts, sport fishing, snorkeling tours, whale watching, and many other activities.

Why to visit Panama?

Panama’s unique location provides the experience of a lifetime. We are gifted with having a wide range of rainforests, a desert, and breathtaking beaches on both coastlines, the Caribbean And the Pacific, all within driving distance of a cosmopolitan city. Ready to start exploring?
Asociación de Turismo Náutico de Panamá

About us

The Association of Nautical Tourism of Panama promotes Panama as an international nautical tourism destination by highlighting a unique experience joining two seas and the more than a thousand islands along with a high-class service to the world.